Sunday, September 28, 2014


There were those days, there was a time, when we spent hours laughing amidst trivialities. Friends, like no other. The silliest jokes, the randomest conversations, about the absolutely most mundane of words, yet amidst friends.

The lukewarm sun upon our heads. The waxing and waning of the moon through our days and nights, together.

We felt a peace, of belonging, and yet to each this was something to be a passing phase, because within we craved. We longed and waited. Our hearts were beating for something else, something more. Someone else, perhaps.

Because, after all wasn't this the ultimate destiny? Love. We were bereft and waiting. Waiting and waiting for that absolute that would finally complete us.

 And so we gave ourselves to our temporary moments of friendship-filled fun, without ever completely giving ourselves. We were adamantly alone amidst the crowd. Our eyes were steadfastly held to the edge, a horizon, where we were certain our destiny lay. We condemned ourselves to a permanent state of solitude because we wanted to remain whole for that which would make us whole.

Where did we go wrong?

Thanks to song: Sab Bhulake - 3am, Raethe