Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I found myself thinking about you at odd times. There were stray bits of conversation, or small observations that I had remembered, those idiosyncrasies of yours that made you you, I kept reminiscing. I found myself looking forward to the next day simply because you'd be there.

I remember the first time we met. You came straight up to me, while I was in conversation with someone else who was explaining things to me. You looked me straight in the eye, with that amazing huge smile of yours, stuck your hand out and that was it, I was taken in by you. The warmth of you, the confidence in your grip and smile, you were someone I knew I would really like.

There were so many things I had wanted to tell you. Things I have left to tell you. The many hours spent in small random conversations to fill a regular day; they remain with me. You made me laugh, made me smile, and impressed upon me this sensation that life was so much more supersized, because you filled it even more with everything that you had.

Then the phone rang, and that was The Call. And now you're gone, and now you are missed.