Monday, June 24, 2013


What makes a person who has dedicated every moment of their life to the one they love decide that death is actually the only way to make that person appreciate it?

They say that whoever it is, who'd compel such an action, isn't worth it. Perhaps not. What is it in love that makes a person unable to cope without the other? Is sadness then another indicator for our capacity to survive as a living entity, like fear? Is sadness a red light that tells us that it's time to cut loose, to move on, to remove the shackles which tie us together? Because if that is true, why has love itself become synonymous with love? It defies understanding.

But sadness doesn't mean red light - stop. It isn't black or white. Sadness as an emotion becomes a mode of communication. A sign held up to the one who should care: "please care". Please be the one who cares enough when I cry. Please be the one who'd hold my hand when I need you. Please.

Since when did love go from want to need? Since when was need and want mutually exclusive? They intermingle, inexplicably. Inexplicable is what defines love. It defies understanding, it defies measure. Escaping the breadth of scientific postulate, philosophical principle. Beyond common sense.

Is this insanity, then?