Saturday, May 12, 2012

Illusion ̶E̶p̶i̶p̶h̶a̶n̶y̶

kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tujhse chun chun khaiyo maans
khaiyo na tu naina more, khaiyo na tu naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas..

You are walking the path you have been walking and suddenly you are bowled over. All of a sudden, you are frozen, stuck, in a quagmire, uncertain what it is that has happened to you, that is happening to you. You are rooted to one place, almost holding your breath because suddenly everything has become loose. The world has gone tipsy turvy, upside down, inside out, you feel as if suddenly you've lost ground and fallen out into the stars. You're at the shores where waves wildly, violently crash millions of miles high and you're in a desert where the sands gust with moaning winds. You're in the pitch black of a cold blustery night and on top of a mountain on a morning on a meadow where all you hear is your heartbeat.

sau dard badan pe phaile hain, har karam ke kapde maile hai

You're drowning in emotions and you don't know if you're happy or sad, but all of a sudden you're choking back the feelings that suddenly pour out of you and you cry. You cry and don't know how or why. It is beyond your control, the ability to think and reason all left behind. You're pulled into a seizure of epiphany and yet you're left at a loss. You're coming apart even while you're finally filled with that sense of calm and attainment. The capacity to be happy and sorrowful merge into one and suddenly all the emotions you've held inside, all that you've experienced and yet to experience, refuse to be held.

kaate chahe jitna paron se hawa ko, khud se na bach payega tu
tod aasmanon ko phoonk de jahanon ko, khud ko chhhupa na payega tu

The glory of being expresses itself in the glory to feel where suddenly the body refuses to adhere to the constraints of physicality and the mind by rational, the heart continues to beat and yet somehow has ceased. The heart has burst into all that it represents and every possibility that lines the spectrum of emotion becomes one. Every failure merges with every success, hardship merges with every fortune, affliction merges with consolation, loss merges with gain.There is a pain that radiates throughout the and suddenly it loses its meaning as the way pleasure loses measure. Words fail to explain as no language compares to that which is universal; every moment of yearning is magnified and simultaneously dispelled by fulfillment and the breath stops even as it breathes a prayer, for prayer itself is left behind as just the means for that which already consumes your being entirely.

koi bhi le rasta, tu hai tu bebasta, apne hi ghar aayega tu

Music thrums and dissipates even as it fills completely with silence, and darkness surrounds even as light bursts out, radiating to blind, for that which is felt could not be explained nor seen. To that force which I surrender, that force which is called love.

O naadaan parindey
ghar aa jaa..


  1. ...Beautiful post IQ

    Everyone is succumbed to love, nothing other force has the capability to stand up to it.

    And I love the way you used this song! And I also like the song itself, there's so much meaning to it.

  2. Yeah, it looks and sounds good in movies, songs, and fairytales, just doesn't happen in real life.

  3. Read it again...

    Perceived it very differently this time. All that I can say is that, you're quite the writer IQ.

    1. Thank you Kiara. I wrote it in one frame of mind, or I guess you can say heart, and soon after, it all dropped and I guess it could be viewed through shattered glass as well. It is amazing the way one's state of mind affects everything you perceive...even if it's exactly the same, it becomes so different :)