Friday, March 16, 2012


And that's when my heart sank and I knew it was the end to it all.

The last samosa was gone.

I'm not even sure how it happened, I just reached my hand into the brown paper bag, pulled out one and commenced the process of consumptive delectation all the while running the thinking-machine constructively in a wonderful instance of multitasking.

The sun was out and washing itself through the office as I sat there ruminating on some work. It was a Friday morning and there was that quiet hum generated from the meeting of the quiet of my office floor and the bustle of voices down below. The aura was one of contentment, arising from starting the morning off with the one you just woke from dreaming of, being offered breakfast by a certain best friend, meeting another before he drives off to work, and a series of amusing correspondence with a coworker.

Yes, I admit, it was yet early for snacking. But strangely enough, I was hungry. And so it was, my morning contentment shattered when I realized that last samosa I had, was in fact THE last samosa.

The rest of the day was now bereft of any anticipation of samosaheaven. Dun dun dun.