Monday, March 05, 2012


Now that I'm almost fully better (almost being the operative word) I feel that it is necessary to balance the forces by putting forward a somewhat rehabilitated account of things.

It is interesting to observe the correlation between mind and body, or emotional state to physical. As such, I can attest to the functionality with which my dip in physical well-being translates to the emotional state. Whereas I opted to vent the lapse in words as is evident in my last blog submission, I feel it is only justice to be able to return again and also account for the restoration.

The sun's out pretty much in full force today, and while that seems to be something to celebrate, it is in fact accompanied by the bracing, frigid and biting cold that cuts off the instinct to cheer. It's March! Yay for the obvious.

In any case, stepping out while the sun is up and at it is invigorating. The beautiful dove strutting its stuff alongside, another plus. It is Monday, and it is another new day in another new week. When we craved for the light, we cherished it so much more for it's absence. When it creeps up and accompanies us day in and day out, we forget that we missed it.

When all you wanted deep inside was that one thing, the somewhat natural instinct built in us - in the mind? in the heart? - to long for that which would or should complete us, when it becomes ours we work so hard to make it something regular. Regular because, if regular and just as mundane, it would have less tendency to dissipate? Regular because for fear of throwing it up in the air like confetti, the wind might blow it right out of our hands? Regular because it's better to keep it close and accept it because there is no longer any need to place it on an altar to cherish and worship?

Regardless of the many possibilities, we are, as such, creatures of habituation. We acclimatize to changes and we have a bad habit of making the extraordinary ordinary. When we have what we always wanted, so easily we fidget and fuss with that which we have to want even more or something else. And we forget what we have is what we need, else we would not have been given it. Then how can we be such ungrateful beings to turn away in a moment of despair from that which we have, which we wanted, which we need.

Sometimes not everyone could be as lucky to say that, thankfully, that which I need also needs me. And when you turn away from something like that, you can't walk or run too far before that elastic bond has you snapping back. And it in itself is a torment you yearned for, to feel, and feel everything that it instills and begets.

So when the rains come lashing down and the clouds cover everything, it makes it all the more beautiful when the sun comes back out.


  1. Last line :)

    Mantra number two handed into my hands by IQ! :)

    1. Yes, if there's anything life has taught me, it's definitely that. :D