Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's Thursday morning, and although I do have things to work on while at work, here I am writing another blog, "wasting" time in stating the obvious - ie. it it Thursday. But that which seems to be the obvious now, in this moment in time, might that only be a passing phase of skewered perception that within passed moments, in retrospect prove otherwise, in fact not true?

I can hear that voice in my head even as I write that asking me if I just can't write simply. That's part of it, in writing here I write my thoughts and feelings and at the other hand these thoughts and feelings although showcased in a public portal, somewhat protected by registration mandates for viewer discretion and, in the very way I write, somewhat vague and abstract, so that my own thoughts and feelings are also protected by a modicrum of privacy.

*sigh* So I had saved this, and then come back to continue and me being me, BOY did I write alot, and GUESS WHAT, I hit the submit button and it tells me to log in- pretty much losing everything I wrote. Good lord. Let us have a moment of silence for the words we have lost.

Moving on, or trying to come up with the same words I had written previously- which we all know is impossible- there we have it, my words are now memories, and only remembered by myself. I shall indulge myself in a luxury:



  1. Doesn't that irritate you so much? Leaving a post undone, and then trying to retrace those thoughts..

    1. :( THIS post that was meant to be, it was one of the best or the closest I'd ever gotten to putting into words what I wanted to get across. In being pissed off, I became more wordy lol. :(