Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's Thursday morning, and although I do have things to work on while at work, here I am writing another blog, "wasting" time in stating the obvious - ie. it it Thursday. But that which seems to be the obvious now, in this moment in time, might that only be a passing phase of skewered perception that within passed moments, in retrospect prove otherwise, in fact not true?

I can hear that voice in my head even as I write that asking me if I just can't write simply. That's part of it, in writing here I write my thoughts and feelings and at the other hand these thoughts and feelings although showcased in a public portal, somewhat protected by registration mandates for viewer discretion and, in the very way I write, somewhat vague and abstract, so that my own thoughts and feelings are also protected by a modicrum of privacy.

*sigh* So I had saved this, and then come back to continue and me being me, BOY did I write alot, and GUESS WHAT, I hit the submit button and it tells me to log in- pretty much losing everything I wrote. Good lord. Let us have a moment of silence for the words we have lost.

Moving on, or trying to come up with the same words I had written previously- which we all know is impossible- there we have it, my words are now memories, and only remembered by myself. I shall indulge myself in a luxury:


Saturday, November 12, 2011


I've got maybe 6 minutes until the reason I'm inspired to write makes an appearance, and although it's what I have been anticipating all afternoon from the moment of our last farewell, I've got to admit that I also am hoping I am actually allotted that said 5 now minutes remaining. That being said, its about two weeks since the last Happy Friday I was feeling incredibly exuberant. Since then the swing has swung as it does, day in, day out, moment now, moment passed...And from the landmarks holding the bridge between last Happy Friday a forthnight ago, to this Friday, there as much as a string bridge sags, have also been lows. But that's not what I wanted to get down in words. All too often I find that, in the past at least, on the most part I write in solitude, for those moments when I'm down and in so being, alone. Or, I must amend that last bit - feeling alone. Because despite the stubbornness or the self pity or whatever low frequency I'd allow myself to wallow in underneath it all I do know, most blindly, that I am not alone. Outside of my own heart there beats another which is in tune to the pace of mine and care for it. That says alot and that gives the greatest perspective to life. In a span of maybe two hours, you can be so overwhelmed by the multitude of thoughts and feelings that can overcome you, you can go from thoughts of the macrocosm around you to the relevance of it inward, and vice versa. When I say you 'can' I believe in fact you must, you cannot live without doing this, consciously or subconsciously. No matter what you may be doing, caught up in, your mind on another level is translating everything you do to another level above, within. For me, it could be listening to music, reading, sitting in silence, overhearing random conversations, talking to someone you don't care to talk to, listening to the one who matters the most.

The oddest thing is, I hardly even knew these words would be what would be typed out when I clicked the New Blog button. None of it. And I knew it would happen because like the way thoughts go and flitter from one thing to another, these words are replicas of my thoughts.

I'm writing because I'm glad. Today could be anointed as a special day for many reasons. Friday. Or 11/11/11. Or Remembrance Day. Or, as in my own personal case- waking up early while it is still dark to the full power of the Moon shining straight through my window into my face, over me. Entirely washing over me from where my head lay on my pillow. Maybe it was one blessing in replacement of the usual one, because it was a morning I didn't have that special person to send me off to work after fussing over my breakfast and lunch being packed. Despite my own complaints over that fussiness, I missed it even if it were for just that morning.

And well, that's how much I got down before the reason arrived :D maybe more another day.