Monday, October 17, 2011


“There’s a lot that goes around it. Trust and respect and—” He cleared his throat again. “Attraction. But the center’s a reflection of all of those things, all your strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams. They catch fire there, in the center. Maybe it blazes, maybe it simmers, smolders, but there’s the heat and the light, all those colors, and what’s around it feeds it.
“Fire doesn’t only destroy. Sometimes it creates. The best of it creates, and when love’s a fire, whether it’s bright or a steady glow, hot or warm, it creates. It makes you better than you were without it.”

Despite the arguments, moodswings, sensitivity, frustrations, getting annoyed, debates...every single day, more than you know, more than even I'm able to know, I'm thankful, so incredibly thankful, for it all.