Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For You ~

You Have To Stay Strong
Have you ever felt like all hope is lost?
Being so desperate,
No matter the cost?

Then listen now,
To what I have to say,
It'll give you hope,
And might change your life today.

Look back and remember,
All the good memories forever.
Think about the people you care,
And the happy moments that you've shared.

You have to stay strong,
And give life another chance,
Know that your needed,
It could be your only defence.

Always remember that,
When things go wrong,
It's not the end of the world,
You have to stay strong.

haha :D I know I sound a bit hypo, but what can I say? It usually takes me a down to find a way back up - and it isn't just the being up again that is important, it's what I've learnt on the journey (yes, I know you know this as well but I just have to say it, for it to be said :)). It's a shaky stage, and when you're finding a way back into the light, you almost feel the layers shedding, you feel the change -- inside and out. It hurts too, can't deny that. It hurts because you have to let go of those layers that have kept you safe for so long. But it's time to become reafreshened. I know that isn't a word, but it suits na. :D I can't even point out what it was that made me feel this way this morning. In fact, I am not even sure I will go back into my blanket of fallen layers in search of missing parts that don't feel so good without. Can't guarantee anything na :D But I can guarantee that here I am for you, despite however alone you feel now and then. Can't be there for every minute you know, but then again, that's what makes being there for you through it all all the more important, nay- special.

Sometimes, you've been protected from so much in life. And funniest thing you learn is that those who have been worried for you the most, those who seemed to care the most, who wanted you to be safe from being hurt the most, they're the ones who pull the tableclothe away and make it all break- inside. And hey, what else could hurt the most than that, right? Maybe that's why it does hurt. Because they had such a special place, and they let that go, apparently without a care.

In any case, all we can do is let them go too. In the end we all join the light alone na? Without anyone else's help too. Can you imagine that. WHOA :D haha

So stay strong my friend, I will for you, and you will for me. Because in the end, it's us. No matter what. :)

This is the song that's making me feel like just staying face up in the hawa and sunshine that's shining down on me like a song by itself. :D

Bulla kahe tuu kucch bhi nahin
Main bhi kahoon main kucch bhi nahin
Naa des mera;Naa mitti meri
Main hoon banjaara
Meri hi zameen pe
Main kaun hoon... Main kaun hoon
Kyon apne jahaan me
Main hoon ajnabee

Naa jaane kyon aisa ho gaya
Begaani hui apni jagah
Naa jaane kyon apni hi taraf

Utttee hain sabhi ki ungliyaan
Ab toh yakeen khud pe bhi nahin
Anjaana hain har lamhaa yahaan
Nazre churaaye aankhein jhukaaye
Kab tak jeeye hum is tarah
Kaisi khata thi jo yeh sazaa di
Humko kahin ka naa rakhaa

Jannat thi apni sarzamee
Sufi humko kehte sabhi
Ab toh koi mujrim koi aatanki keh rahaa
Main kaun hoon... Main kaun hoon

Kyon apne jahaan me
Main hoon ajnabee

Chehre to sabke hain haseen
Par dil main hain bas aag hi
Bujhti nahiin jo jal rahi
Jo pooche baarhaan

Main kaun hoon... Main kaun hoon
Kyon apne jahaan me
Main hoon ajnabee



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