Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I'm a twitter user now! Thank you thank you. I can see how it grows on a person, especially if you live your life in one liners. The best part is the word limits leave me the opportunity of not betraying my inner writer, and hence here I am, the ever-loyal blogger.

Sometimes nothing needs to actually occur for something to occur. And that's just the trigger that set me off to visit this remote, lonely town of Blogs. I tip my mental cap to that faint spectre across the street, Mr. Two. By the way, my daily horoscope said my keyword of the day is 'Creativity' and that is definitely something I can take without sugar. So here's a toast to us lone travellers, may creativity never die without a fight.

So what really was the trigger? The rain, the sad sad rain. While watching the rain out the window, while my tea boiled, I thought. Rain does that to you- makes you think- doesn't it? What I thought was about the rain, and yet, that little bit more that tickles around the edge of our brains, as subconscious thoughts do. Today's rain is sad rain. It isn't the happy rain that signifies freshness and renewal, nor is it the angry rain that thunders down wrath on us all. It is that sad rain that just drops. As tears do. With nowhere else to go. With thunder whispering at the distance. Like a heavy yet sad heartbeat. With the wind listing and everything is just wet. Wet, and gray.

With a tall strong black tea with honey and lemon. Rab ne bana di jodi!

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