Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Takdeer pe humko poora yakeen hai
Mehboob hamara, sab se haseen hai
Teri chahat hai dil ko, teri chahat hai
Teri hazrat hai dil ko, teri mohabbat mein doobe hain

Takdeer pe humko poora yakeen hai
Mehboob hamara, sab se haseen hai
Teri chahat hai dil ko, teri chahat hai
Teri hazrat hai dil ko, teri mohabbat mein doobe hain

Milenge milgene haan milenge milenge, milenge milenge
Aap se yakeenan milenge milenge
Ho sohneye mannmoneye
Milenge milgene haan milenge milenge

Aap ki kashish ka kya kehna
Jahan bhi rahe dil ne kehna
Aap ki kashish ka kya kehna, jahan bhi rahe dil ne kehna
Aap se yakeenan milenge milenge haan milenge milenge

O mere jaan-e-jigar, tumko nahin yeh khabar
Bas tujhko hi dhoonde har pal yeh meri nazar
Saamne kabhi to aaoge
Kab talak mujhe tadpaayoge
Saamne kabhi to aaoge, kab talak mujhe tadpaayoge

Aisa deewanapan hai, deewanapan hai
Saansein hai behki behki, paagal paagal har dhadkan hai

Milenge milgene haan milenge milenge
Main gumshuda ho gayi
Kya se main kya ho gayi re
Bhool ke main saari duniya ko tujh mein kho gayi
Tumse milne ko bekraar main
Aa gayi hoon rath pe saawar main
Tumse milne ko bekraar main, aa gayi hoon rath pe saawar main

Kitne hum tanha tanha, kitne hum tanha
Tujhko soche har lamha, tujhko hi maange uss rab se
Milenge milgene, milenge milenge
Aap se yakeenan milenge milenge
Ho sohneye mannmoneye
Milenge milenge


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fina - Happy

I woke up happy.
Because I woke up.

Not just that usual 'i woke up to a new day, another day to live and be grateful for blah blah way'. Of course, that. But just that I WOKE UP.

Because, it mean I ACTUALLY SLEPT.
Holy bhatura. I slept I slept. In the two weeks of neendless nights, I SUHLEPTUH.

Oddly, or maybe not, I've been listening to Mainu Raat Neend Na Aveh, Neendaran, and Neend, for the most part.



Monday, June 21, 2010

Fina - Surreal

The most beautiful, almost surreal scenery today: sun to the back, horizon forward, amazing reflection. Water was almost magnetic, electric shimmery metallic laser blue, seeming transparent but solid, blue mercury. But the sky, faint pink purple and blue, with amazing bluer clouds, and the moon shining above it all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fina - Sister

"I wish we were 12 again, just eating popsicles while sitting on the swings while thandi thandi hawaa blows on our muh :shiftyy:. There's nothing :shiftyy: about what I just said but the :shiftyy: muh also applies for when hawaa is blowing in your muh so zohr se ke you can't see:-B. Hazhaz."\

For whatever reason, today I just felt like writing to you. It is of course that bit that says I miss you, that you're on my mind, but then again, when aren't you? Granted, we've grown out (grown "up" seems kinda off); grown OUT that somethingsomethings that we both know we've grown out, but I doubt we could ever outgrow each other, or even, especially our memories of the other, and yes especially the imprint of our souls upon each others'.

"It reminds me of how I told you I would see ure muh as I would shut the door of my microwave oven or on the LuckyCharms ka cereal dabba. Hehe, so many goot (yet disturbing) memories."

And that would be true for any relationship, but somehow extra especially for you, for us, for ours. Perhaps we'd rather negate the impact because it kinda says that the past that ties us together somehow matters, when we'd rather say it doesn't - but we still learn from it, and from what it let us share. And maybe that's why I am here writing to you. Though it's been awhile, there are those moments when I have this instictive urge to pick up the phone and share 'it'; something anything. Then there are those constant things that continuously remind me of you - all those inside jokes and those certain situations that only you could understand and appreciate, for what its worth appreciating.

"I not want to sound dramatic plz."

And the funny thing is, although I miss you, I..don't. And I don't have to write all thise because I know you understand it. That's just it though. Having it said makes it said. I miss our punjaban adventures, but its just that, I know they couldnt be the same, not now. I miss that family, and all that, you know. I wonder what happened to their trock. I dont' know why I have the need to write to you, but meh. I guess it was the mota toy penguin I compulsively wished to stuff in the mailbox, except that it was fatter than the mailbox. Reminds me of those penguin outfits we googled at the same time (ok I am having an akele hazhaz moment here, time to say bye.)

ps. Dont forget the Jinny Joes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fina - Define

Definition #124872

Fall In Love (v): To succumb, to be weakened (to and) by the force opposed; as in a battle, to be fallen, as a warrior is thrown from his horse; to be fallen, therefore vulnerable and completely at the hands of the captive.

Virgo June 17 Scope: "The last few weeks may not have been easy but adverse events have toughened you up and made you believe that you can handle anything."

cha cha cha.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fina - Start

"At times we go to places alone
The distance between us just seems to grow
Our souls will always be together
And someday I know we will meet for sure"

Bloody well, I've so much to write about NOW and I've got a notebook filled with THEN but oh my god I have no idea what I want to say, I'm SO excited and so MEH about so many things that MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMeOW. Okay I feel better. Ok not really.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Raw - Electric

Complete opposites.

Macrocosm: the day. Two ends of the spectrum. Start horribly, end amazingly.

Microcosm: the end itself: us.

How can two opposites be so …electric?

The oddest things.

Here we are.
Electricity reinvented.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Raw - Things


I definitely, definitely learnt this today.

Things will happen, because that’s just what things do, and when happenings occur it is because of, well, things. So sure, they are bound to happen, when the time comes, when the time is right, some time, eventually, possibly, probably, finally.

Things happen.

But things can Happen when you make them happen.

Then things become Things.

And that’s when things really happen.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Raw - Shock

I can’t believe this.

I am actually listening to pehli nazar mein.


Granted, I like the song, else it wouldn’t be on my playlist. But since being put on that playlist I don’t think ive listened to it, fully, once.

Now I enjoy – actually enjoy – such songs. Damn.


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Raw - Blue




Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Raw - Rain

Kuch to hua hai
My dil goes mmm
This must be love keh do zara
Aoo milo chalo
Kuch ho gaya hai
Kya se kya hone laga hai
Kya mujhe pyaar haiii
Thoda theher sun le zara
Gotta be love keh do zara
Halki halki mulaqatein thi
Sab kuch alag hai
Haan re haan hone laga re
Kaisa khumaar haiii
Door door se baatein thi
My dil goes mmmmmm
Gotta be lovee keh do zara
Dheere dheere kya ho gaya hai main kya karoon
Jaane kahan no ho pataaa
This must be love keh do zaraaa
Kuch na kahoooo
My dil goes MMMmmmmm


Ps: Baarish!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pps: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Raw - June

There’s always something refreshing about firsts. And to top it, it’s June. The month kicking off, officially, summer.

Sadly, goodbye to May. May and I have a special bond, a je ne sais quoi that is often found here and there, like in relationships.

May is the delicate femininity that is equally mother and equally new bride. It is the softest sigh of enchantment, the gentle breeze that is half yearning, half fulfillment. To ask of it to be anything else would be to removie it from everything that it is already.

Today was the other half of yesterday. To miss a person, then realize that it could possibly be communicated with that perfect understanding that is both the source and solution. Without even a word needed, all the different messages needed to be said were said, and that was the cement that sealed this friendship.