Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Collage-N Part 6

Dreams, dreams and still more dreams. Where do they come from, why do they occur, and who is it that continuously makes this appearance. I know, somewhat, the answer to the first two. It’s all in the mind, right? Ok, but then, why do I also get dreams that actually happen in reality days later? So if it’s all in the mind, then what’s reality? Sure I believe in the power of thought, but.. I wouldn’t go as far as saying my thought power actually precipitates events that affect others. In any case, this was The Other Type Of Dream. The recurring Mystery Man dream. Though occurred to one, why do I often seem to meet him at the bus stop? I don’t think the chances of my Prince Charming being someone I really meet there are that favourable. So, beyond the tangible, why the bus stop?

When I woke up this morning, the thought that gradually came to me, when I asked myself this question, was that Sai often dreams of meeting her Mystery Man at the airport.

Now there are two locations that do begin to connect. But, still, why? They are two places of travel, got that down, check. I take the best more often. She’s taken the place more often. Check. We have yet to meet our MMs, so, these are pretty apt ways of ‘meeting’ ‘new’ people. Ok, so? So, let’s now go into content.

In my dreams, I’m standing there waiting. So maybe, it’s the waiting that translates into the dream. Waiting, apparently for the bus. Descramble: waiting for the right bus to take me to the right destination.

In the same way, he’s there doing the same, and in waiting together, somehow without acknowledging it, or each other, we realize that where it is we’re going we want to go there together. Without even saying anything, there is the unspoken feeling that we want to be together. And that’s the thing, we don’t talk. We don’t even look at each other. We don’t even know that we do know each other.

Just thinking of it, remembering it, makes me smile inside, because, it’s a special feeling. Even it being just a random dream and all that. Of being so entirely aware of this person, and pretending you are not. And knowing they are doing and feeling the same.

This morning, as I stepped outside, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the half moon shining there up in the blue sky. I don’t know why such things make me so happy. There up on my right the almost translucent glow of the moon, and on my left, the radiant warmth of the sun.

Do they realize they are there? Or do they simply accept that their paths in this lifetime, whatever that lifetime be measured by, was meant to bring them together this way for this moment in time. And who could say how long they’ve waited – perhaps again and again- how long have they waited for a single moment. Perhaps they have waited beyond the endurance of anyone who could possibly witness. Perhaps beyond what they could possibly ever remember; that they have gone this cycle so numerously that they have no sense of when they began and when they shall end. Perhaps they’ve accepted the existence of the other out there in the universe, and they haven’t questioned what it is they share. To give light, to accept light. Perhaps it has become such an existence that to stop would be to stop existing. To love, to be love.

Who could say?

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