Friday, May 28, 2010

Collage-N End.

What is distance to a bird?

To be able to reach the highest height in a matter of seconds. To soar over a city in a manner of minutes, to swoop over miles in a blink of an eye, to glide to its destination in the fraction of a heartbeat.

What is distance to a bird?

A multitude of thoughts spring from one : The morning song of a bird.

Mornings are best revered as this, the quiet communion of birds to daybreak. Maybe this is why I am a morning person.

As I was walking along, soaking in the radiance, I located the call to the caller, the song to the singer: perched atop a lamppost was my darling dove.

As it let out another throaty call, it was answered; A few paces onward and there atop the neighbouring lamppost was its partner in duet.

Cute, sweet, and all that, in many aspects.

The companionship, the easy togetherness they shared without the rest of the world’s knowledge, the ‘specialness’ they shared without really saying a world, the closeness even when apart.

So what is a distance to a bird?

Is being apart just a birdsong away from being together?                    

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