Sunday, May 02, 2010

Collage-N Part 4


For some reason, the world is still pretty much asleep at 9 on a Sunday morning, and its one of the best times to be out. According to me.

Mornings, early early mornings, when the morning is still empty, when you can walk outside and just listen to the silence.

Today's great moment was experienced going to work early this morning. Humid weather, balmy breeze, and just as my mp3 started up on Ehsaan's awesome intro (it's half the reason why I love the song. That, and the lyrics), into the first few lines and then right at the RIGHT moment, the world suddenly just opened up and the skies started falling- hard. It. Was. Beautiful.

For some reason (as usual), it coincided with my mood, which was a bit melancholy. Maybe it was because of the humidity. Maybe it was the tiredness, and not wanting to work (rare). I know a bit of it was not getting to talk to that special someone as my Sundays usually determined. I know part of it was due to thoughts related to the movie of the night before. Granted, a hindi movie about an alien from Venus wouldn't seem all that touching. But seriously, Jaane kahan se aayi hai has some great moments. I guess it doesn't matter which circumstances you find it, the things that you can relate to somehow make their way under your skin...

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