Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Collage-N Part 2

Tuesday April 27. 11 pm.
It's so incredible how so many things can change in the space of one week. Granted, a world could change in the blink of an eye, but there are those things that come so naturally in our surroundings that you hardly notice that it changes so quickly.

Just yesterday, coming outside at 7 in the evening I was awestruck to see the full face of the moon shining out boldly in the still blue and white sky. I backtracked mentally, thinking - hey, I was looking at the half moon just a few days ago!! wasn't that just last night?..wow.

Then there are the more or less, well more than less, stunning things like the brilliant sunny days and the deathly cold nights. This weather does not want me healthy. And almost sadly, the almost fully grown leaves. How could those baby buds and blooms I had been daydreaming about just days ago be grown so fast?! NONONONONO!

The baby green buds, the yellow sprigs, the white and pink blossoms are all the more why I love spring so much. It really is so sad that the time of year I love the most lasts so briefly. And then to think, if there were no winter there wouldn't be the same spring. I have to love it all. And I do.

Speaking of the full moon, tonight was as beautiful as one could be. If you had been standing with me while I said this, you might have raised an eyebrow and wonder if the 'lune' was affecting me. It was a full bright beautiful moon- and the sky was just FILLED .. with clouds. Meh, says you. But stop, I say, and take a closer look. There, as the clouds dance in the wind, look at the silvery magic on the edges of the clouds. And look, even though the clouds are there, you can still see the stars shining through.

And although the wind is dangerously cold, it has its own charm. It makes you feel like everything is blowing, and in the voice of the wind, there is something that hauntingly makes you want to dance. While it pulls you one way, and takes your hair another way, you feel like letting you spirit join in with the wind, and going where it goes. The best thing is suddenly having the right song, the perfect song to go along with the mood.

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