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Tera Na hona jaane, kyun hona hi hai ?Can one's SoulMate be a completely difference person from your TrueLove?

Resignation vs Acceptance • midway = ?

Resign ~ cede ; means to give over, surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another.
Resignation ~ endurance, passivity
Synonyms: acceptance, acquiescence, compliance, conformity, deference, docility, forbearing, fortitude, humbleness, humility, longanimity, lowliness, meekness, modesty, nonresistance, patience, patientness, resignedness, submission, submissiveness, sufferance.

Accept ~ admit, receive, welcome; believe the goodness, realness of something.
Acceptance ~ belief in goodness of something
Synonyms: accedence, accession, acknowledgment, acquiescence, admission, adoption, affirmation, agreement, approbation, approval, assent, concession, concurrence, favor, recognition, seal of approval .

How do we resign ourselves to love a person so completely that simply loving them alone is enough. To love them while accepting that you can't 'have' them in the abstract sense of the world.

And in accepting such fact, as much as we can call it thus, we have to resolve ourselves to the numerous natural laws that sum up our perceptions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Faith is only really faith when tested holds strong. Even in doubtful circumstances (note, not the same as doubt alone), one must persevere in faith to attain the redemption of that faith. Like holding up a castle of cards, if you let go because you doubt it can stand, it will most certainly collapse; it is the enduring belief in what you believe in that attains the actualization of that belief.

Everything happens for a reason. When we get dealt a bad hand it's a sore point to swallow this truism. It is easy enough to preach to others, but we have to come to terms that it applies just as much to us in both bad and good times as to anyone else.

"Somewhere out there I know there is someone, who's waiting just for me, Mahiyaa..
He's gonna set me free, Mahiyaa"
Someone, somewhere, is waiting, made for you. So, in essence, all the other relationships or relations that didn't form into relationships, were not meant to work simply because they weren't The One.

So in the mix of all these governing laws that take us forward down the stream of fate ...

How can we love a person so much taht you still accept taht whatever happens, happens, and that maybe one day there will be someone else, but still to love this person truly you still need to love them exclusively with all your heart, believing that they're the one you'd love forever?

Why is it so complicated? Or is it because it is complicated that makes it such a heavy, and thus 'important', weight. For if it were simple, would it really be worth as much?

And can it really be possible to love a person, not just simply loving them for the person they are, but what they make you be, feel - that love that is romance but not the romance that the term nowadays is meant to mean, but more, much more?

To love that person, because there is a connection, something beyond words that pulls you together in that unspoken manner. That mystical, magical magnetism that draws your very being to theirs, that makes you feel complete while with that person. And even without them, because in some way, they have become some irremovable, permanent part of your soul. Someone you don't miss when apart because they are a part of yourself, wherever you go, wherever you are; and yet someone you miss so incredibly much that it becomes a permanent ache, a deep pain embedded into your very bones. Someone you miss even when with them, because it is as if that part of your soul that is yours is also theirs and seeks to reunite itself, to become whole, complete.

Perhaps that really is the meaning of soulmate. Maybe we say it best when we call someone jaan. Maybe it's just truths that go beyond eons, from eras past, and just awaits for us to recognize this. For mere philosophy may put it in words, but no words existing could ever describe the feelings that are the words. To say 'one soul in two bodies' simplifies the eternity that is the emotion, into basic physics, into black and white. without surrendering to its colorful vibrancy.

So can it really be possible to love a person this much, and yet come to accept that you cannot be together, that they will love someone else, and be as happy, that you will love someone else and also be as happy. To be apart and be happy, while still together on some plane beyond the horizon, beyond the furthest stars, perhaps in only a flicker of reminiscence. Or to love a person so fully, and in so loving, pushing them farther away?

The North pole and South pole, so perfectly attracted in magnetism, yet they could not be more perfectly farther apart. To love, yet repel.

How could it be so possible for you to feel so...right, and yet so wrong? How can you complete each other so perfectly, as puzzle pieces do, yet to put it together so utterly impossible. Like the moon continuously orbiting the eath in some preordained companionship; like the electrons and protons of ions that say: you have this energy, I have this energy, apart, yes, we exist, but together we become perfection. Is it because nothing can truly attain perfection, or attain true perfection, without extinguishment that we can never be?

What's in a name; a rose by any other name smells as sweet. But why does it sound so right when you say my name? as if you recognizing the me in myself was a moment meant to be, that you being mine for just that tny fraction of utterance or me being yours for whatever moment in time I was in your remembrance, why does it feel like a code uncoded, a mystery unsolved, a key that unlocks?

So how does a person experience all this for another, and yet accept that maybe one day, you pass each other by, and when you pass, and keep walking, you can't look back and wonder why you feel you know this person.                   

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