Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nude Blush

I miss my birds.

I miss lying on my back, staring up, and watching them fly. Watching the wind take them in one direction, then another moment the next.

I guess I have to wait for summer to really set in before I can see them in flight again, and watch, and daydream about all types of nothings.

Ah, summer. So close, so so close, and still so far. I guess that is what makes the ache for it so much more. Insert big sigh here.

Forget Kafee with Karan, the newest hot trend is Sundaes with Sai!!

For the very first time I have learnt that it is possible to get sick from talking to your worst dushman on the phone. THANK YOU SAI. I still blame it all on you. At first I thought it was just a little sore throat from talking for what, a good 6 or 7 hours? But then realization hit in when everyone asked me if I escaped from my own funeral or something. When I explained that I had choked on my coffee and it was a large triple triple, they all nodded and said that explains it all. I did my trademark O_o face, and suddenly realized that yes it explained it all. You would think it was just a random sore throat from choking. And that it would go away within a few hours. AND speaking of which I can't believe I ate three meals while on the phone. Bad bad bad. And that too, talking about icecream :@ YOU MADE ME GO EAT A COLD VANILLA CONE too!!! I blame it on you! And you eating all that chocolate encouraged me to eat my sour candy! I blame it on you!

I can't believe just a single comment that makes you choke could make me this sick. You have to have experienced this to believe it. I spent all yesterday drugged out on flu medications, I think I pretty much slept the whole day away. I couldn't breath, because my throat hurt that much. I couldn't speak, my throat hurt that much. I couldn't even eat properly. I don't know how many pots of ginger tea I drowned, okay, drank.

Today, I can swallow, I can breathe, but talk about my nose now??!! I need to carry around a separate bag just to carry enough tissues to blow my nose every 30 seconds! (Ok I exaggerate, there is no second bag)(But I do need to blow my nose every 30 seconds or so).

I cannot believe that little laugh/choke made me this sick. Honestly.

In any case, it was still lots of fun. All those attempts, and the pick up, and the hang up, and then hearing you both talk (or, argue) made me just sit there grinning my face off just listening to you - haha.

Ok it was a good day. I just wish I didn't have to be sick :irk:

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