Monday, March 01, 2010

For Penguins That Fly

So here it is, I've got the time, and I know there are two of you out there waiting for me to get on with my long 4 our 5 page ode to MT. I did promise it. Problem is, most of it goes beyond the surface and is pretty personal, and now I could, I doubt if I should. I can leave it at the two brief paragraphs I put down before, but even that isn't right. Anyways, this is my blog - and "I'm hot and I can do what I want." :P

Feb 28 2010. Happy Birthday!
Four official years, and here we are.
And were is here, exactly? (How do you define here? :P)
Four years later? Happy Birthday.
To a home beyond homes.
To a special place that's got a special place in a special place, my heart.
While MT is something special to us members, I don't think I could really explain just how much it is to me. Yeah, even I, Miss Wordywords, haven't the words for it.

MT is a portal that's granted me inumerous memories with so many incredible people - people one might not have found 'incredible' in other circumstances, but MT being what it is, so they have become. So 'you', reader, have become.

MT has been the place for 'hasti, masti, and dosti', and it is these 3 that keep bringing people back. Maybe it might be the most ridiculous, most random, most utterly mental moments one has indulged in, but that is just another erason behind MT's 'successful' facade.

And beyond the facade, to its very foundations, MT is a symbol of a friendship that has been the most cherished of friendships: N , S. No matter where we end up, however far or near, or however distant a time comes between, MT shall always be the Taj Mahal in my memory. Underneath it all, this foundation has been, and remains, the strongest of reasons for being so steadfastly loyal to a site that has had ups and downs, because 4 years way back when, it was our baby. ("Baby boy", S? :P) A baby conceived by hours upon hours of conversations, of finding something out of nothing, of being just dreamers, to dreammakers. So the slow progress from a 'poetry and writing' site called meresapne, our own private fantasyland of oracles, dragons, and angels (and the unrepentant devil of course!) now finds me from being a lonely blogger on my own blog called sapne, to meresapne, to here on MT's long awaited blog, reminscing about it all.

Thank you N , for keeping the dream alive. (Ah, not "those dreams", no :P) Thanks for your consistent (and not so consistent!) efforts - for also being the friend you've been along the way. For facing the computer for hours yet again after hours facing it at work. For not quitting.

Thank you S, for being the constant (and not so constant!) companion though everything. You know what I mean when I say "through it all" and still you won't really know how much I mean it, so maybe I'd best not try.

I am cutting out a lot of more personal thanks to you both because that would make this a tribute to you both, and having me sound like I am winning a FilmFare award for best actress or something, and so if I go on I just might! But you and MT are pretty much interchangeable in my mind, I can't think of one without the other.

And even though we more or less started out as a team, the weight of the real work has always been on your shoulders Nav. I hope I also represent everyone else on MT when I thank you. :D

And as busy or preoccupied we might have gotten with our lives (Boo: growing up!), MT is always the home one can come back to after it all, even if its days, weeks, or months.

So 4 years later, our home has finally gotten its renovation. Not the final model for of course MT's got a beautiful future ahead ("I have a dream..").

To the readers who have read thus far (CONGRATULATIONS!Click here to receive your prize!!), to you reader and thus member of MT, you too are special, simply because you are MT. Some of you have shared some very special memories here. There is a special apnapan here that gives it its charm. If you are reading this, you most likely know me enough to care about what I ahve to say, what I have to say might not be important to you nor is it really for anyone's benefit but my own (writing is therapeutic for me), but in any case, you know me, or somewhat know me. Perhaps you like me, maybe a little more than like, maybe you don't like me. Whatever, you are here. And I have to say thanks to all of you, because you've also provided colour to the palette of MT's rainbow.

We've had great moments of laughter, hilarity, of ranting, provoking, arguing, philosophizing, discussing, silenting. We have learnt from each other and one another in ways we recognize and ways we wouldn't think of because in every interaction we take something while giving a little of ourselves.

MT meri jaan. I've learnt alot sinec you were born. While you are still a fraction of my age, you've also taught me alot.

Dream on. You can fall in love with the concept of love. You can pour all your dreams and emotions into one person and realize it wasn't the right person to receive them. They don't make your dreams and emotions wrong.


Let go. Interactions and experiences are important in shaping a person, but at some times you have to know when to let go. There are so many things you've got to realize does not matter. Life seems much easier when you yield to things that don't matter, and when you face such an obstacle you have to make yourself ask yourself whether it does or doesn't.

There are times when you keep a door open hoping for change, and when you believe you've waited long enough, God has his ways of showing you it's time to shut the door. Others may or or may not try to comprehend it because their truth differs from yours, in that truth is a personal thing, and when you believe in your truth, it does not really matter who does or does not agree, because it simply IS.

The act of crying causes endorphins to be released in the body, hence automatically uplifting the mood.

Sometimes you feel something and you wonder why, like waiting for the bus and seeing the leaves blow on your head and the snowflakes falling from a different side and your heart feels like ":D" and you feel like laughing aisi hi - and sometimes there doesn't need to be reasons, even though they do exist, but for the moment you just enjoy it.

Perception is not Truth. People change. Most things eventually do. No matter how much we might not like it, we have to accept it, because it's just gonna happen. Even we change, and we have to allow that everything else will too. Even something as fixed as a piece of metal would change, not just physically, but perceptionally, because the way we come to look at it changes. Even what we come to accept as truth may not be the true truth because the way we look at it is limited to what we deem to be the truth.

The small things that make you happy aren't really small BECAUSE they make you happy.

I learnt that it is pretty funny the way they say "it could be worse" when you think you've got it bad, and then when you're an real optimist it's so much more beautiful the way you think you're thankful for all you have yet, then something new comes in your life and makes you realize how much more beautiful your life has just become, and you never thought it could happen.

The stars are always there, even when its cloudy, you just need to patience to wait the clouds out, and faith to see the stars when they come back out.

ALL of life's great lessons involve loss.

Sometimes you need to look at the tree rather than the whole forest, to understand purpose, and yet again, sometimes you have to remember that it isn't just one tree alone, but an entire forest, all there for a reason...Focus, but focus in a way that does not focus

That missing someone so much occurs even when they are the one you talk to the most.

Alrite now everything I learnt, but that's an idea :P

I guess I have to submit this now. Feels like I'm forgetting something now that I've typed so much O_o. Oh well.

There you go MT. Love you! And you MTians, love you too :D.

Yours lovingly ♥,

The not so end.

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