Saturday, February 27, 2010

Four Years

Happy Birthday MT!

Happy Anniversary Nimboo. Happy Anniversary Sugar. :)

It's been a great 4 years with you three, more than words can say, and at this time I'm just taking time enough to simply say this little bit.

MT will always be our Taj Mahal - the symbol of our friendship, and like that wonder of the world, many tourists and visitors shall come to love and admire it, and may take up residences and form new memories with it, but as long as it stands it will forever hold a close place in my heart.

To Nimboo and Sugar especially, because there couldn't have been a more beautiful friendship shared at the time MT was still a dream (meresapne), to watching this baby grow into what it is: Does Lemonade become richer with the years that pass?

In any case, just have enough time to say this much.
(I promise you a fuller blog soon with much more - MT is worth that much more in the 4 years we've shared.=))

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary, MTfriends - I love you! :D

-- Paani

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