Monday, November 16, 2009


Sometimes it is just ironic. Either it's too much, or it's too little.

Sometimes you just want to let loose, and feel the force of it all.

Sometimes, you ache to feel that sting of pain, although it hurts, you know it means you live in the most beautiful way possible.

Sometimes, you wish you didn't tread the path of caution, that you could put every ounce of emotion behind that little spark you keep close.

Sometimes, you ask why; just why in general, why at it all, why not this, why not that.

Sometimes, you wonder why when it hurt once, and you don't want to hurt again, you miss it, the vibrancy of the tapestry, the ups, the downs, everything it encompasses.

Sometimes, you question why living life happily still feels bereft of that bit of happiness that you know you are witholding.

Sometimes, you wish you could just knock down all the walls, the fences, all the fortresses you've built up to safeguard against exactly what you seek.

Sometimes, you hear a song, and yearn to be able to feel as much as portrayed, to feel the torment, to feel the bittersweet joy, to feel the joy at being able to really feel.

Sometimes, you feel, and automatically you tamp it down, and when the warmth is gone, you feel the cold and wish you hadn't just done that.

Sometimes, you means me; and then sometimes, does that mean never or one day?

Thoda thehar thoda thehar, sune le zara sun le zara
Dil keh raha dil keh raha, dil na saza yun bewaja
Rooth kar mujh se na ja bhi, bhool kar shikwa gila sabhi pyaar ka
Aa jao meri tamannaaaaaa...baahon mein aao
Ke hona paaye judaa hum...aise mujhme samao
Har ghadi lag rahi teri kami, le chali kis gali yeh zindagi
Hai pata lapata hun pyaar mein, ankahee ansuni chahat jagi
Jo hua, pehle hua nahin...aaj tum karlo zara yakeen pyaar ka
Aa jao meri tamanaaaaa....(meri tamanna)
Bahoon mein aao...Ke ho na payee judaa hum..(payee judaa hum)
Aaise mujh mein samaoo

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