Friday, October 16, 2009

Of Novelty

The funny thing is that I've been intending to write about a good many topics that have been running through my mind. Now that I've been sitting on the computer, with the blog page open, nothing quite as insightful comes to mind. Why does this happen so often?

Same thing came to mind yesterday when I went to Tim Horton's with my friend for a coffee. Why did I want that coffee? Because someone has passed me earlier and the aroma of that coffee instilled a humongous craving for coffee. So, now coming back from Timmies with the coffee, I sniffed it. It didn't have the magic as the other coffee had! Why?! It was the same coffee type (who, and I mean WHO doesn't buy Timmies in Toronto, haha? OK- Starbucks lovers keep quiet!).

I posed the question to Max. "Why is it that when you smell someone passing by with their coffee.."

He finished my sentence, "You just want that coffee all of a sudden!"

Me: "Yeahhhh! OMG exactly, and when you HAVE the coffee finally it's just not special!"

Max: "You don't feel like having it anymore?"

Me: "Yeahhh! It's so saddddd! haha. But it always happens. I smell coffee and I want it so much. It just smells so AMAZING But when I go and buy it, I don't even feel like finishing it! WHY?!?!"

Max: "See, it's about not having something, and wanting it more because you don't have it. When you see something and feel like having it, the not having part makes you really want it even more. But when you finally have it, you don't want it, because you have it. It's not a mystery or something you don't know or experience anymore. It's yours, and so you're bored and don't feel the same anymore."

Me: "Hm.That's why you shouldn't get married "



  1. This is such a common thing for - although not necessarily with coffee. Just wanting something so bad and when it's finally there, all of a sudden it's not as meaningful and special as it was before.