Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And They Call It Karma

Sooner or later, whatever negativity you allow pass through your frame unto another being, shall come back on you magnified. I have seen people with such innate iniquitous personalities wonder why they've been allotted such a portion of pain and I cannot in turn but help wonder at how they could be so selfish and unseeing; it is beyond me. The world is round. This much has been established centuries ago. Envision it now; whatever energy you release goes out into this world. It travels, and by the time it goes around the world, it's picked up magnitude and momentum. Liken it to the butterfly effect. Simplified, without the chaos or quantum physics jargon, it's been said that a butterfly's wings fluttering anywhere far away in the world could cause greater results elsewhere. ("Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set off a Tornado in Texas". Lorenz, 1973.).

It's not just a physical phenomenon. Thoughts are forwarded, or converted, into behaviour, into realtime words and actions. Every little negativity you therefore release is subjugated to natural laws. Hence, "what goes around comes around."

Every time you allow some petty thought to assume petty words, this little bit of negativity doesn't just dissipate once said. The force of it takes action. It stimulates a reaction, as per Mother Nature. And this reaction will one day come back to you. "You get what you deserve" is another fallback of the idea. We cannot say the cliche is an accurate summation, because, granted, we are all free thinking beings, and in this case, we initiate actions with or without being provoked. Some people have such tendencies that they are not satisfied until they have insulted or 'put down' another person. They feel they've got the last laugh. Did the person on the receiving end deserve such is a question of circumstances of course. But we could go around debating the question without recognizing the actual point. It's a "chicken or egg" situation, because while the Above Force maybe have allowed us as human beings the freedom of thought and choice, we may abuse this freedom by taking for granted that we can debase others without penalty, and thus we take it as our own initiative to do and say what we wish.

Problem is, sometimes we just can't help but SAY something, that seems like it ought to be said, just to put so and so person in their place- no? I mean, cmon, we can't all be Saint Mother Teresas, right. Get real, and all that. But then again, I sometimes wonder why there is just so much of all this negativity out there. Sometimes I just can't understand why a person would CHOOSE to be this way, when they could be as great a person by being good. Personally, I've been just as guilty of saying the offhand rude remark, especially when not needed, and I've had a temper at some point surrounding puberty.

Regretting things said never undid any of them, and I think I've learnt just to be as good a person I can be, to the best of my ability. Sure, the odd evil remark is fine, especially when said in humour, as long as it's understood to be a joke. You can do all your name-calling and evil-being with your real friends. You know inside that you aren't actually harbouring negative feelings. It's when you just let that bit of 'evil' go; You can't call it back. I know, it's happened lots of times. You just have to wait for your punishment; sooner or later it's gonna hit you back. You never know in what form, or when, but it surely will come back.

How do we learn to curb our primitive evil tendencies? Just realize that you're being petty, being something lower than what you deserve to be. Just don't stoop that low. Either be good, or don't care. It's your own slate that you're keeping clean. Don't let people who don't matter matter. It's not worth it. Be dispassionate, and cool headed. Don't try to be over smart with attitude, thinking it makes you any cooler, because it doesn't. Inside is what truly counts, and if you're happy with people who would love you for what is on your surface rather than your goodness, then sooner or later, these people will not last long in your world. In the same pinch, don't be a hermit and not talk to anyone simply because 'you're better than them'. If you can be loving and openhearted, and at the same time cool and levelheaded, you're surely on the right path.

The more you're a good person, I think you'd find less you're overcome with sadness. The natural sorrows of the world will still take place, it's too much an abstracted world for this not to happen. But the little daggers that keep stabbing you now and then without you knowing definitely lessen.

So, finally made it all the way to writing something that was passing through my mind!

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