Friday, August 21, 2009

..Chale Hum Zor Zor Mein..


As with almost everything else, it becomes a little easier to keep going once you've started. That's how it is now that I have indeed started blogging here.

In fact, after posting the last (well, first) one, it came back to me how much writing helps and has helped me. Once writing about change, and missing people, lo and behold, that same day I had the opportunity to talk to four of the most important people I'd been missing!

That 'got it out of my system' feeling just slot back into place, like a long-missing piece of the puzzle. I suppose that was the why and how of all my other writing. In fact, it is almost reminiscently odd how things just cycle. From my Mere Sapne 'blog', to, to, to mt blog to this one. It's here! It really is! Well, it always was. But I just couldn't bring myself to break back out into free candidness. I think I'd gotten used to being reticent, in the way that I just stopped sharing it all. The emotions, the real feelings. It is hard, I suppose for most of us, especially the ones who just do not want to burden others with our burdens, or to be 'read' so clearly.

In any case, the momentum has been regained, and here I am ready to keep the pace! Granted, there will be periods of acceleration and definitely of deceleration, but that's, again, all part of life!

Weather is absolutely beautiful! End of August was just made for beautiful things eh, that's why I had to have entered the world at this time. Strong thunderstorms and brilliantly sunny weather at once. Could it get better?

Of course, it is incredibly hot, temperature wise. But then I've got such a low body temperature that it really does not bother me. I guess people with high tempers should take some lessons! Bahaha!

In any case, today is smiley weather. Have no clue why, but I do just feel like smiling all day. In fact I AM smiling, for almost no reason, although there are reasons. I guess it's for every reason that I AM smiling. Feels mighty good. No more burny feeling.

Must be hormones.

“How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."


Pyaar ki kashti mein, lehron ki masti mein. Pawan ke shor shor mein, chale hum zor zor mein. Gagan se door...


  1. I love reading these OLD old posts. It feels like I can just step into your world and learn so much about present you and past you.
    We find ourselves writing, only for our own satisfaction and.expression, but unknowingly we leave something so beautiful behind.

    These posts are an example of that.

  2. Me too love reading them =)