Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sapne Se Sapne Tak

It comes from within.

Differentiating what 'it' is, well, that too is within, for you to decide.


The daring to dream, the strength to smile, the luxury to love.

Everything, anything. It all comes from the heart. Beyond the complexities of life, it all really is so simple. The truth about life is simply that the truth about about life lies within.

It's for you to find.

Life may throw its hardest punches, and though you may be bruised and battered, the underlying winning blow is for YOU to stand up to it, and still move on. Life can kick you down so many times - sometimes throwing so many blows one after another - you feel you simply have no energy left to ever try to get up again, and you find yourself giving in, saying "Why bother, life just has the worst for me."

The inside joke is, you're going to have to get up sooner or later. Sure, you can lie there, and let the dust of exhaustion accumulate as time goes on with its own business - Hell, time doesn't get paid by the hour; it sure won't bother waiting for you! On the other hand, you can show you've got what it takes, get back on you're feet and call this round your victory. Try as you might, you can't kid life. I mean, who are you kidding? YOURSELF. You're on this planet for a reason. God knows what that is, but why worry too much about those details; you've got yourself a free ride - enjoy it while you can.

And listen, "enjoying" doesn't mean dropping everything and partying till the cows come home. Get real. If that's all there was to life, imagine the mess, the chaos, the utter dung heap this world would be. In fact, there probably wouldn't even BE any cows coming home after .. doing .. whatever it is that cows.. do.

But I digress. NO, I do not intend to pursue a PhD in Mooology. Though, it is quite philosophical when you think of it. Life DOES allow you the opportunity to digress. Perhaps that's one of the few underlying truths about it. You can really never know when these elucidating truths about life will hit you; I mean, just think, this insight came from a little ruminating about cows. How profound.

Digressing, yeah that's life. Seriously. We build our dreams as we trod our ways through this journey of life. It's not a straight and easy road. It never is. If it is, well, maybe you're a little too high on something. Everyone's journey has its rough edges. Those without are to be pitied. And yet, we'll make new discoveries, learn new things, and have new preferences. Our dreams change. Our path, which we thought went in one direction, digresses to another. That's the joy of life; we adapt, we grow within, learn from the steps of yesterday, forming some tentative prescribed course of life.

Perhaps you keep reaching dead ends. Perhaps there seems no way to turn, noone to turn to. That you're on your own, and nothing could ever be worse. Possibly, you've even begged God to end it all now, to let this pain and suffering be totally rid off, that you would face death a thousand times more than face the tests life has given you. Drowned in tears, you can hardly remember a time when you had ever smiled, and believe you've even forgotten how to. Lonely, quiet nights you stare at the sky and ask "WHY?" - Why ever laugh when it all comes to tears, why dream when it all breaks, why ever love when it all hurts so much in the end, why even LIVE when you only wish to die?

It pierces you within, a bitterness at yourself, at life, at everything that's just so utterly screwed up. You want to hit something, to scream, to vent that frustration of not knowing the answers. Nights pass sleeplessly, the tears run dry, within you wonder if you can even feel, the numbness just pervades your being. You ache for someone, just one person to understand, to maybe understand what you yourself do not. And yet, CAN there ever exist anyone who could know exactly what it is you feel, and beyond that, should there be anyone to feel the extent of your anguish? Who do you turn to, when you can't even turn to yourself? Where do you go, when you don't even know where you are? What do you do, when you dont know the way?

Introspect. It IS there. Find your peace, cast off your sorrows. One day, even as much as it seems impossible, the answers WILL come. Believe in it, and let that be your self-preserver. It's like keeping your head above water when you fall in. Strive for the shore, you have the better chance of reaching it.

Each time you go under, it is for a reason; and each time you do emerge, that's an added strength. Like a grain of sand that starts forming the pearl, every layer adds to the beauty of the entirety.

Just don't hold back simply because you're afraid. Take the risk, dare to dream. Let yourself love. The problem with this world is that its clichéd about clichés. Things as simple as 'I love you' have been pushed in that dump. Yeah, it's true, the whole point of labelling "cliché" is because of a repetition that loses the main novelty of the original. But damn it, it does NOT have to be that way! Really. There is a magic in those three words that exceeds description. Of course, being said as ONLY words without intent is quite demeaning to the whole magnificence, but the wonders of those three words, the way it sends one soaring beyond the realms of heaven and back in seconds, the way it melts even the coldest heart at times, the way it pierces and warms you through to the center of your soul, the experience alone is something not worth missing. Love is a contentment beyond happiness, when you truly realize the extent of it. Beyond possession, beyond satiation, there is an independence in just loving, for the sake of loving. When you realize it's as part of you as your own soul. When you can give and give and give love without restraint, and feel a fulfilling peace within, as if loving alone, even if not returned, is intrinsic to life itself. It's a purpose and yet, its the goal.

There's nothing new in wondering what the meaning of life is. It's an age old question. Whichever way you look at it, from scientific theories, to philosophical, theological, ethical, spiritual explanations, at the fundamental basis of it all, we find one of the oldest phenomenons called Love. Might sound familiar? For as cold and calculating scientific postulates may appear, even scientists fall in love. From the beginnings of civilizations, be it the romantic tale of the Sun and Moon, or original sinners Adam and Eve, or even those starcrossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, it existed. And still does till today. Yes, it's antique but something can be antique without being antiquated. The law of gravity is extremely old but not antiquated. And if you doubt it, jump from the twelfth floor.

The point is, love and life just go hand in hand. Without love, what's left in life? It's what takes us from moment to moment, through days, through years , from birth to death. It fills in the black and white with rainbows of colour. The loneliness of never loving is far worse than any loneliness incurred through love. The experience alone is like lighting a flame of warmth within the heart, rather than the cold and darkness left without that warmth ever having been lit. No wealth of materials could outweigh the riches of love. Faith and love, in fact, faith IN love, in how much you believe in it, is just another fundamental key to life. It isn't just a belief in its existance, or rather the relative definitions of what it is, but moreso, it's a belief in how much within oneself, how truly are you capable of it, how much faith you have in your own love.

It's a world of increasing technology, where worlds could be brought together through new means of communication, its all a jumble of numbers and program codes, and yet, the world doesn't function on electricity alone. Beneath all the science, the postulates and theorems, the forces and energies, there exists the potent power of love. It gives us that sense of direction, and empowers within us the ability to dream. It erodes the confusion, and stabilizes a sense of security within.

Again, it's within you to find, and if you believe enough, it isn't that far afterall. It's an equation about life, with love at its basis. It's a question only you can find the solution to, because it's your life.

Solve it.