Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ek Sapna

I've dreamt so many dreams, .. in this life. Yet there was only one, that I held closest to my heart. The years that went by, from the very birth of that dream into my mind.. only added and enriched that dream.. It was a dream of a beautiful life, a dream of feeling complete.. a dream of forever and eternal love.
It took a moment, for the match to ignite.  When the dream started appearing to become reality.. that's when the flame really started to glow.
A dream come true, or so it seemed. Once that dream took hold, all other dreams were so insignificant in comparison. It was the only one I wanted. The only I needed. The only one that filled every day of life with hope, happiness, love.
When did the storm come, out of nowhere, trying to extinguish that flame? In the quickest of moments again, the winds gusted, making that light flicker. Shadows cast upon every sunshine that ever existed. And just as the torrents of rain hammered down upon the dream, so came the tears, as never before.
For every happiness lived in that fleeting dream, the pain overwhelms so much, having it taken away. The days when I believed, for every dream that remains only dreams, there still lies hope and beauty have long gone past.
Hope, it was that which made me see so many more dreams beyond this one dream. Hope, its what I only have to cling on to today. Hope, it is that which I have so little of, this one dream, my life, being stolen away.
It has me wondering why do we dream? Me, the girl lost in dreams so much of her life, the one who dreamt and for whom dreams were her source of nourishment. Why dream? .. It all feels so illusional today. With that one dream, I believed I could do anything, accomplish anything, just for the sake of keeping that dream mine. Today, it slips away from my hands, with me asking "why?".. and I feel there can be no tomorrow without it.
Hearts break, dreams break. And yet, love never dies. As much as the storms attempt to extinguish my light, the love will never let it die. Where there is "forever", it will be found in my love. With or without that dream, even through the tears, it will be the one thing in this life which I can call true.
It is only that one dream for which I wish to live. But it is beyond this life, and beyond fulfillment of that dream itself, to which I will love, love true, and love forever.

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