Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Sapne: dreams.
When do dreams ever become real? When one walks one path, dreams may lead to another, leading one astray..or perhaps not.
We keep walking, hoping that one day, just somewhere around that bend in the road perhaps, or just maybe over that next hill, there it'll be, finally. Sometimes we've worn our feet out, fatigue wearing out the anticipation. We may slow, we may stop. But the road is still there, everyone else is moving ahead. Some takes different roads, some turn, some take the right at the fork while others take the left. When you reach these junctions, the decision is yours. What does your heart tell you?
Sometimes there are others walking with you, sometimes you find yourself trudging along alone. Happiness comes and goes. It is all just temporary. We sometimes find that we linger with certain people longer, enjoying togetherness, laughter, fun. Sometimes one may stumble and fall, you reach out a hand, a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes in turn there are others there ready to support you when you find yourself falling.
There are times when you just want to leave them all. Either run ahead of the crowd, or drop behind. Solitude seems more appealing. Otherwise, you just might feel the urge to throw rocks at them when the temper hits you too strong.
Being alone. You may stroll along, enjoy life, the clouds, the trees, the heavens above, the greatness of God's creation. Or when the rain hits you too hard, when the wind blows cold and fierce, you cry and cry ...tears falling with the raindrops. The pangs of lonliness burn. You wonder if there would ever be anyone, someone, who'd be there for you, someone to call your own, someone to call you theirs. Someone to say they understand, to know when to say the right things, or to just hold you in silence.
Sometimes the path seems so long, you wonder if you've failed. Did you take the wrong turn? Did you leave behind the wrong people? Others seem to know which fruit are the best to pick from the trees, why are the ones you pick always the worst? Who can you ask for help?
At times, you want to turn around and go back. But you can't. The rules won't allow it. What's done is done; you can't go back. Those you left, they're on their own path. Your hope is that somewhere later on, your paths cross again, maybe leading to the final destination.
Faith. That's all that keeps you going. When things are down, you realize, if you yourself won't believe your dreams can come true, what sense is there in walking? Aimlessly, you can reach nowhere. Where you stop ultimately, depends on where you intend to go.
Just remember, go forward. Believing is the key. Dreams may only be dreams..but without them, we have no goal. We'd only be following the currents, letting ourselves just float and drift. When the road seems to long, when the journey seems too harsh, just remember that God put you here for a reason. If you sincerely believe in your dreams, you'll be sure that you'll find the road easier.
And those travelling with you... When you're walking alone, just take a look at who's around you. A smile lightens anyone's burden. When someone shares a smile with you, doesn't the baggage of the heart seem so much lighter? Just take a look, you may have been walking beside your soulmate unwittingly. A heart was made to love. A heart can be broken...so many times, yes...but a heart unused is more of a waste.
Dreams. They hold us up when we feel like we're sinking. They put a glint, a twinkle, a sparkle in the eyes.They make waking up to another day full of light.
Dreams are only dreams.
Our hearts can embroider so many dreams. And yet, dreams can shatter. The road seems too harsh, you blindly, through tears, wander...until you realize that the journey has a way to go, the end is still yet yonder. The sun sets, the sun rises...it may take many days until the heart has healed. The pain may throb, softly yet silently...But memories keep one going. Learn from the past, remember it, the less you shall be doomed to repeat it. Things always happen for reasons. What may seem like hell, may really be a blessing. You can really never tell until you reach your final destiny. Yet just keep going, because dreams come again. Like dreams while asleep. They fly off when the eyes open. You may recall all, some, or none of it...but time comes when new dreams come again....